Playlists? Categories? Tags?

Am I missing something or does this app not have playlists/categories? So I can see/hear casts I tagged as a particular topic/genre… I still semi-use a bloated buggy podcast player that lets you add casts to groups/topics/playlists. I don’t know if you guys call it something else here.

Am I explaining my question well enough?

Hi @AntMusic

Welcome to the AntennaPod community forum! I’m sorry no-one replied to you earlier.

AntennaPod certainly have a playlist - it’s called the ‘Queue’ and is the first item in the menu if you swipe from left. However, there’s only one: it is currently not possible to create multiple queues.

The next update will introduce the ability to add tags to the podcasts you are subscribed to. If you want to check out this functionality as soon as possible, you can become a Beta tester. (The update will take some time to arrive to all beta testers, though. My guess would be it’ll take at least one or two weeks.)