Please tell me how to undelete the Playback History?

I was looking for a podcast on a topic I listened to recently, but couldn’t recall which one it was. Scrolling through Playback History, I wondered about deleting some history I don’t need, thinking the garbage icon was just going to delete one or more episodes in the history list I selected. But they all deleted as I tried it.

I guess my history of 100s of podcasts I listened to is gone? Or is there a file I can access with the history? My phone is not rooted.

Unless you have exported a backup, the “playback history” list is gone after deleting (but the list only shows the most recent 150 items anyway). The episodes themselves are still marked as played/unplayed like before.

Do we display a warning/confirmation modal? (Don’t dare to try this out :stuck_out_tongue: )

No, we don’t. Given that clearing the history also deletes timing information from the statistics, I think a warning could be a good idea.