Plugins for Volumio & Squeezebox

Hello Everyone,

Apologies if this is a daft idea: might it be worth considering AntennaPod plugins for Volumio and Squeezebox? So that while synchronising podcasts with gPodder you can use AntennaPod on your mobile while out and about, and then pick up the tread with AntennaPod on your home stereo when you’re settled down on the sofa.

Thanks for AntennaPod and for thinking about the above.


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I just switch the Bluetooth connection on my mobile from earphones to my home stereo when I get home. Is this not sufficient for your needs?

We just think it’s nicer to have our music library, streaming services, web radio, audiobooks and podcasts bundled in to one. No need to switch between apps. It’s all accessible from a single squeezebox or volumio remote control app. And with multi-room synchronised playback we don’t need to pause or disconnect / connect bluetooth if we go to the kitchen, home office or bathroom.

Support for more platforms is nice, but I guess there’s other features that most developers would want to focus on. Also because indeeed workarounds are available.

There’s a similar request for Sonos, which as a platform probably has more users - even that has been open without much interest for a couple of years.