Podcast advertising revenue

I’ve looked for the answer to this question but I couldn’t find it.
Do the makers of podcasts miss out on advertising income if I listen using Antenna Pod, as opposed to another service such as Spotify?

Do they get paid “per listen” i.e. they can charge more money to advertisers based upon listener count? Do Antenna Pod downloads count towards this?

If another service such as Spotify inserts extra adverts, who gets the money from this? Is it 100% Spotify or does the podcast maker get a cut?

I think many advertisers pay based on the number of playbacks/downloads. Downloads through AntennaPod can be counted on the podcasts servers, so they wouldn’t miss anything there. However, I don’t know if some advertisers maybe don’t understand what podcasts are and base everything only on Spotify downloads.

It depends. Often adverts are inserted by the hosting company that runs the podcasts server. These companies probably have contracts with the creators and creators get a cut. If the adverts are inserted by Spotify, creators get nothing (unless they are a Spotify exclusive), as far as I know. I find this a quite dubious business model by Spotify, taking the podcasts someone uploaded for free and then selling them to users through a subscription or earning money from advertisements

I think YouTube podcast force podcasters to remove ads, YouTube then inserts dynamic ads. this makes sense so that older episodes will not have old, out of date ads already inserted. given Google’s history I would expect them to share the revenue with the podcasters

I bet @jamescridland would have expert information about % ads that are dynamic inserts.

Even for AntennaPod when it downloads an audio that’s audio could be generated on the fly and have ads inserted during the download.

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Thanks, @tonytamsf !

Podcasts say “listen wherever you get your podcasts” for a reason - because they earn from every podcast play, wherever it happens. Plays on AntennaPod always “count” as a download. AntennaPod is just great. Keep using it.

When you listen on Spotify, you might hear ads before or after podcasts, if you’re using a free account. Those are to pay for the Spotify platform. Podcasters do not share in that money.

When you listen on YouTube, you might hear ads before, during or after podcasts. Those are to pay for the YouTube platform. Podcasters may earn from these if they are large enough; but that’s unlikely.

The best way to reward the podcasters that you listen to is to use a real podcast app, like AntennaPod; to not use a VPN (those make it harder to target ads to specific audiences); and to tell any advertiser where you heard their ad. AntennaPod also supports the “funding” tag, so you may see additional ways you can support a podcast within the app.


@jamescridland runs an excellent podcast industry podcast, Podnews Daily.

I guess the other way to help podcasters is to rate them on Apple Podcast. Too bad there isn’t an industry standard way to give ratings or a place to rate podcasts for Android users?

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Thank you all for your advice, I am much clearer now, and reassured about AntennaPod! :smiley:

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