Podcast Artwork in car

Just have a general enquiry… Using AntennaPod and other podcast apps I have never been able to display the podcast artwork on my cars head unit although music (MP3’s) played from Google Play or VLC displays fine.
All artwork is fine on my android and I have checked the artwork size and its similar to a music MP3’s artwork.

Just wondered if this is a general problem with podcasts and whether other users have similar problems with this or any other podcast player.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @AndyD
Which AntennaPod version do you have, and how do you connect it with your car? (Android Auto, simple bluetooth, …)?

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I’m using 2.2.1 and the connection is via Bluetooth.


Hmm. I’m not a developer, but I would think that sending images when you just connect through Bluetooth is not supported. Do you connect the exact same way when you play MP3s through VLC?

(Btw, did you mean Google Play Movies & TV? Does it play MP3s, too?)

I love that we are forced to learn new things. It looks like version 1.6 would support images. I will have to look at what AP is using. So it also depends on the OP’s car’s bluetooth version. If Google’s apps does not work, i suspect the OP’s device does not support images

1.6 — all of 1.5 plus browsing and track information[9][10]
Number of items that are in a folder without downloading the list
Support for transmitting cover arts through the BIP over OBEX protocol.

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Sorry for the confusion…

When I used to use Google Play (now defunct) I got album art via Bluetooth and I still do using VLC for music. The issue is that I get no podcast artwork with AntennaPod or any other podcast player. I changed the AVRCP version of my device (OnePlus9) to the latest version (but tried others) I am unsure what version my car is (Merc A Class) but as worked fine with music I had hoped the same with podcasts via bluetooth.