"podcast cover image" is all grey on Home screen

App version:
3.2.0 (Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

If I:

  • DISABLE “Use episode cover” in: Settings → User interface

Then, for the feed “Kevin Stroud”:

  • On Home screen: feed image is all grey
  • On Subscriptions screen: image is grey but feed name appears

(I assume the feed “Kevin Stroud” lacks a cover image.)

Suggested solution:

On Home screen: show feed name in grey image as is done on Subscriptions screen

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

Here is an image of the Subscriptions screen:

You can see from this image that the text “Kevin Stroud” appears in the grey square of the feed.

Because the “Submit a topic” system on this forum only allows me to include one image, you will have to imagine the Home screen where the grey square lacks the “Kevin Stroud” text.

Same problem - podcast cover image not showing for the feed “Meteor”:


But in Google Podcasts, the cover image is normally visible.
Could it be an unsupported image format in AntennaPod?

Thanks @vsharris for that suggestion. I have created an entry on our GitHub, where development happens:

@Petr_Jakubec I see that the image declared in the feed is this: https://portal.rozhlas.cz/sites/default/files/styles/mr_square_large/public/images/e56c0ae0910a63a9bdd1e64818d57a35.jpg?itok=aJ5znPbx&v=3
If you open that URL, you’ll see that it gives a 404 (i.e. the image doesn’t exist). That’s why it doesn’t show up. Google may have saved a copy when it was still available. You’ll probably want to contact your podcaster.

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