Podcast Index namespace work

Is anybody looking into the ideas and suggestions going on over on podcast Index, it namespace enhancements and features that it might allow to be enabled in antennapod pod.

Personally I am dying to see geo search get opened up, but people are getting very frothy about enabling podcast payments on a consumption basis. This type of feature would have to be in the player if implemented.

Note, this is a discussion topic, not a feature request (yet:))


There are a few feature requests on github already. I might be interested in implementing some of them, if someone can help prioritize what is the most helpful for end users and features.

I dunt even think to check the github issues. Not every namespace addition has a direct knock on into the player.

I would love to see a good geo search tool, but the value tag has really peaked interest and I am interested in seeing how it might be implemented, because I think done badly it could have some security concerns. However the guts of that conversation appears to be captured here -

Beyond that I want to start using the features to see what the practical implications look like.

FYI: I just created a label to group all Podcast Index / Podcasting 2.0-related requests on GitHub.

Really good to see that antennapod has implemented the search.
This is a brilliant app, and it’s fdroid presence makes it a sealed deal for me.
I think the podcastindex2 namespaces are going to be a huge game changer, especially as @mavek says, the value tag. I think a massive % of app users would donate via satoshi as time moves fwd, and that means money for the app.

Lock is a beautiful bit of healthy functionality for a healthy environment too.
I can’t think of one yeah that doesn’t have a decent benefit.
Gonna check out GitHub as soon as I get the chance to see e what’s happening.

Thanks guys.

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Version 2.1 (which is currently starting to roll out slowly to all Google Play users) contains a way to discover podcasts per country. Notsurre what the podcast index currently can add to that?

Welcome @Marshcastto the AntennaPod community! :slight_smile: What do you mean with satoshi? And money for which app?

What is search based on? Where the podcast is based? Though I am not sure if there is a true reckoning on that, I moved from oz to Ireland and kept the same hosting provider, it never changed where it thought where I was from. Or what the podcast is about? What if the podcast is based in one country but discussing something in another. I, for search, am probably more interested is what the topic is and where it is located than where the podcast is notionally from. Also what if it is like a news show and it covers two items in two different countries. I, personally, would like to see the item turn up based on respective searches.

What is suggested for the location tag would allow this to be done, provided the tag is set correctly. If not, you won’t be much better than you are right now.

FYI satoshi is the name of those having created bitcoin.
And I don’t know if it is only applicable with bitcoin but if there is a payment to a podcast there is something like 1% that the podcast index will keep and 1% that will be kept by the app which had been used to do the payment. (IMHO to cover costs)

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Hi @mavek
I must say I had a some difficulties interpreting your post, but let me try and reply to two main points.

Search is just search, based on keywords. I don’t think country is currently involved here at all (maybe @tonytamsf can correct me if I’m wrong). I get your point now: you want a geo-filter when searching. I guess you’re right that the Podcast Index could help with that in future, though I don’t know what kind of data they want to collect - we’ll have to see what their API will provide.

Country selection in the ‘Discover’ screen was added via #4515. It now defaults to the device country, though I’m not sure if that’s only for new users or also for existing users that get the update that introduces this feature.

Right, so this is about content - something completely different than the creators’ (self-declared) production location. This would require indexing somehow, per episode, what the episode is about exactly. I think Google is doing that, using their own automatic transcripts of episodes. That would allow you to search for specific content. But AntennaPod (and I doubt the Podcast Index) would have any means to take a same approach. So for content search we rely (and will in future) on the episode descriptions (provided by podcasters). If they don’t mention the country, no way for us to find it out. Indeed there won’t be any option for us to improve in this area.

Thanks for that explanation. But then I doubt @Marshcast’s comment “money for the app” will be true for AntennaPod - why would we be collecting money? Or, indeed, maybe that’s collected by the Podcast Index folks. We’ll see. But the value tag seems quite far away form implementation :stuck_out_tongue:

For people who have hard of hearing, we can investigate using this live transcription service https://github.com/google/live-transcribe-speech-engine, this is already available as a code feature of Android 11, I do think there is a cost of using GCP to implement it, which we could let the user decide.

For an entire transcription of an audio file or stream, there is also Live Caption which does it locally on the phone which we can tap into. https://venturebeat.com/2019/05/07/android-q-can-caption-any-media-on-your-phone-in-real-time/

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Search uses your default device language as a filter to iTunes https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/3778

You can browse by country implemented here https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/pull/4515

Searching by country is not supported by iTunes right now.

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Most of the new tags in podcast index are essentially ways of adding new meta data to podcasts. The more obvious one is person. You can mark host and guest as meta data, this allows search based on what/who they are, at the moment is is being done to various level of success with keyword and regex.

Yes, so in general for all tags and specifically for the geo component, to take advantage of this you would need access to a intermediary database with the geo tags excised out and available for search in a spatially aware database. I know that podcast index will allow search by person in this way, I am not sure if they will implement spatial search, but I am sure they will parse and store those tags. It may be the job of a 3rd party to link the features up, at least in the short term.

Here is a use case describing how an audio file of a walking tour might be repurposable. I am imagining a case where one is visiting a city and they want to find relevant content based on proximity to your location.

As to examples of what could be done, here is a website with podcast geolocated:

Though all the podcasts contained within are curated.

As in all cases if the tags are used, you are exactly where you are right now.

Very intetesting, also from an accessibility point of view. Maybe we should create a seperate thread about this. (Anyway this wouldn’t help with search as we don’t have consistent data.)

That’s an interesting point. I hadn’t heard about this tag and couldn’t find it on the official documentation. Just saw in the specs repo that it’s in ‘phase 2’ (i.e.: not confirmed yet), just like the location, social and category tags. I think AntennaPod should focus on the confirmed tags.

But I hope P.I. will implement them, and index or act as a bridge with a third party, as you say. It definitively is an interesting and compelling case, the one you made for spatially aware content. Are you involved also in the discussions over at P.I.?

Agree, however I started this thread though to discuss it all, not just the confirmed tags, this is a discussion thread, not a feature request thread. However, while not confirmed, location and person will be in phase 2, just the specifics of what it will be just needs to be worked out.

I am, my github handle is douglaskastle and that issue was raised by me. I have been looking at and around geo tagged or aware podcasts/audio for over 10 years. This is the first case of where I can see a viable implementation base to work off. Everything else can be built up from there. Though still unsure if it will be a case of if you build it, they will come.

My, eh vision(?), is that people could post audio streams of alternative tourist tours of their home cities. Like a ghost tour or serial killer tour, or stuff the state tourist board themselves may not be too keen or interested in doing. In advance of all this I am working on preparing some content for a number of cities I have had the fortune to have lived in.

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Personally I am dying to see geo search get opened up, but people are getting very frothy about enabling podcast payments on a consumption basis. This type of feature would have to be in the player if implemented.

I would love to see that too!
Even thought that tag is not validated yet, we are currently integrating it in https://castopod.org/

We are using this syntax:

<podcast:location country="[Country Code]" (latlon="[latitude,longitude]") (osmid="[OSM type][OSM id]") />


BTW, Adam & Dave had a long talk about geolocation tag last friday:

And here is a new discussion started by Jame Cridland:
Proposal - podcast:location (again) #138

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