Podcast specific playback speed as a percentage of the global speed

I’m always upping my global playback speed, but some podcasts (in a different language) I have at slower speeds than the global. So when I change the global speed I have to go through all the slower ones and up them too.

I’d like to be able to set a percentage, say 90%, for specific podcasts, so that if my global speed is 150%, those ones will play at 135%, or if I set it to 80% for another, it’ll play at at 120%.

I think it would be useful to many, not only for different languages, also if you’re listening to a book that has harder concepts to grasp, or listening on a speaker so not as easy to pay attention to.
I hope this makes sense, thank you for reading my post.

I think the best you can do is to set speed for each podcasts in their respective preferences. For podcasts without a specific speed I believe episodes play at the speed last manually set.

So for instance :

  • play an episode from a podcast without specific speed
  • set speed in player to x1.5
  • start another episode for a podcast with x0.80
  • episode play at x0.80
  • resume previous episode or another episode from a podcast without specific speed set
  • episode play at x1.5 which was last speed set manually

At least it is how I understand it is working. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.
If I am right doesn’t it address your needs? Just to be sure, you know you can set a specific speed for a podcast? (As you have to go to podcast screen it can be something easily missed)

About having a setting for speed to be relative to global speed, sadly, I think it’s unlikely to happen.
It seems not something that a normal user would do and most of the time AntennaPod aims to be as simple as possible to not end having a lot features which users won’t find / use and which would make maintenance harder. (I am speaking as a non developer so I could be proved wrong :wink:)

Yeah I know I can set a different speed for a feed from the global speed, I’m saying add an option for percentage speed too. In this part of the podcast settings:

Instead of just having the options of global default and specific speeds, also have 110% of global default, 75% of global default, 95%… And so on. Allows you to change the global default speed and still keep the same relative speed for feeds that have a custom speed.

I am horribly old and slow. What is the advantage. I currently have the default speed set to 1.75. I have one podcast “Security Now” set to 1.0. How would this look like with your settings?

You would set it to 60% of default speed, which would amount to 175% x 60% = 105%. And then if you want to speed all of your podcasts up to 200% for example, that one would be automatically raised to 200% x 60% = 120%.

I don’t understand what the advantages are. Plus I can’t do math. Sorry

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Lol no biggie, I don’t think it’s for everyone. I for sure could make use of it, and anyone else who often changes the global default.

I was thinking ‘yeah, that could be handy’ - until I read this

I am the same, hahaha.

So I like the theoretical concept, but I’m just afraid it’d be hard for people like me to handle. In such a list we could display it as such to address this math problem: 50% (0.5). However, that wouldn’t work in the updated speed selector in the playback screen - there there wouldn’t be space.

(Although, question also to @EdwinHolley, would we need to know the actual speed? Or is just seeing a percentage in the screen indicative enough?)

Either way, I think this would be useful only if you have many podcast-specific speeds. Updating four individual feeds isn’t too much work. It becomes only an issue if you increase your overall speed and need to update 10+ podcasts that you have adjusted.

Also, batch edit for podcasts would also solve your problem I think :slight_smile:

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Ok, now I understand. So you would be able to change global speed and the other podcast would have a speed relative to that.

I don’t know about using this myself. I don’t change playback speed. So I don’t think I would use this option if it was available.

Yeah I have a fair amount of podcasts to adjust when I change my global speed. Batch edit would work though, I can just wait for that. Thanks for the help!

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