Podcast starts playing automatically every time my Bluetooth headphones connect

App version: 3.4.0 (from Google Play)

Android version: 14

Device model: Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra

Expected behaviour: When my Bluetooth headphones connect (for a phone call), Antennapod does nothing.

Current behaviour: When my Bluetooth headphones connect (for a phone call), the last podcast that had been playing and subsequently paused starts to play automatically.

First occurred: When I started using Antennapod.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open headphone case.
    That’s it. When I open the headphone case, they connect to my phone and the podcast starts playing.

Auto download is selected.
I use Bluetooth headphones.

I suspect this is a normal Android behavior: connecting headphones activates the previously active audio app. I’ve seen the same thing happen when I was previously listening to music in a music app.

It seems odd though because the last podcast I listened to was weeks earlier and I had paused it. It should stay paused until I hit play.

This happens also in my car e.g. When switching the source on the radio to phone, it starts playing the last that I was listening to (if it was music, it’s music etc.)

I think, the headphones model is of some interest here, too. I’m Samsung user, too, my Galaxy buds only start plaing when I tap on them.

The behavior may be influenced by the app/drivers associated with the Bluetooth device.

I want to make sure I understand this observation. Are you saying that AntennaPod resumes playing when you connect your Bluetooth headphones with the intention of a phone call, or that AntennaPod resumes during a phone call?

Good question. AntennaPod resumes playing immediately upon Bluetooth headphones connection. I was referring to my intention of making a phone call which I see now was totally irrelevant.

I have similar behavior with my car (VAG family). With headphones it doesn’t happen.