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this is less of a feature request and more like an aspiration. now that openai whisper so easily does excellent subtitles in the .srt format i got into the habit of subtitling all podcasts before listening. takes a couple of minutes, and rapid serial visual representation of what is currently being said makes it easier for me to follow the discussion. whatever you don’t hear properly stays on the screen for a few seconds after. the mpv media player has a script called sub-search.lua that does a ctrl+f search function, e.g. ‘You are playing Empire Strikes Back and press Ctrl+F, type “I am you father” + Enter and voilá, the scene pops up.’ this works amazing for when you lose your position in a podcast. we could start a thing here. if Antennapod and other popular podcast programs were simply looking up the same url but with .mp3 replaced with .srt, on the off chance the uploader included a pre-made subtitle file, and if the players in these podcast programs also played the subtitles i’d think while a manority, but a significant minority would really like these features. for the rest it would either be a curiosity or they’d not notice at all, but at least it wouldn’t get in the way. thoughts? too far out?

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a bit of a ramble but the thinking here is along the lines of “if you build it they will come”. subtitles have never been part of podcasting, but it’s so easy to generate one now, but if no podcast client even looks for a subtitle no podcast producer will upload one on their own.


There is actually a standard for uploading podcast transcripts and a few clients support it, but until now, nobody has taken the time to implement it in AntennaPod


Here’s the standard: https://github.com/Podcastindex-org/podcast-namespace/blob/main/docs/1.0.md#transcript

And here’s the request on our development platform: Support for podcast:transcript tag · Issue #4935 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


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