Podcast Sync Device-to-Device

Hello AntennaPod Team,

I’m a new user of AntennaPod and migrated across from Podbean. I have become frustrated trying to sign-up for a new Gpodder account.

I have 2 phones and a tablet that I’d like to sync my podcast channels across.

Here are a few ideas to facilitate a sync without the need for a 3rd party service like Gpodder.net

  1. Have the Source device export a json file that I can save to cloud storage (E.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox etc.) then on the Destination device, I can import the json file.

  2. Have the Source device output a series of QR codes (that are displayed in an automated sequence) and have the Destination device read the series of QR codes via it’s camera. The QR codes contain all the data of my podcast channels.

What do folks things about my ideas?

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks.

For manual import/export, AntennaPod already has two options. It can export the database in AntennaPod’s internal format, which can be imported into AntennaPod on another device. The database contains everything about your subscriptions, such as playback state and statistics. You can also export only the list of subscriptions in opml format, which can even be imported into other podcast apps.

For automatic synchronization, a dedicated server is needed. Something like a simple file based cloud storage does not work. Starting with AntennaPod 2.5.0, you can use a Nextcloud server to synchronize.

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