Podcasters receive 100% of Ad revenue?

I’m a podcaster and I am wondering how to sign in to AntennaPod from the producer’s side? I keep reading “Any ads you hear are placed by podcast publishers, who receive 100% of the ad revenue.” I’m not sure how that works. I use Buzzsprout to host my podcast. Is there someplace to sign in as a creator/producer of a podcast?

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Tina Kaczor, ND
The Cancer Pod: Integrative Oncology Talk

AntennaPod doesn’t host podcasts, doesn’t insert ads and above all have no income apart maybe some donations.

If you want to know how to monetize your podcast I guess you will have to search internet. It probably requires to host your podcast with a platform like acast or find advertiser I guess ?

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Oh, no, I know how to monetize, that’s not my question. I think I found the answer to my own question though. I found, “AntennaPod plays podcasts just like they were published by the creators. If they include ads, AntennaPod plays them. We have nothing to do with those ads, so all revenues go to the creators and/or their hosting company.”
That makes sense.

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Maybe a more important question is can I sign in to see how many people are listening or downloading our podcast? That’s more important to me, since we don’t run any ads anyways. It may only be the host that has these numbers, but I thought I would ask since it would be nice to see the data directly.

No, you can’t. AntennaPod respects the privacy of its users and doesn’t track them. Your hoster probably ideed does (some) tracking. Please consult their support materials or team.

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Roger that. Thank you.