Podcasts from RSS link not dated correctly

App version: 3.0.2 (b063f0508) from F-Droid

Android version: 13

Device model: Google Pixel 6

Expected behaviour: Episodes added from a private RSS feed should have the original date they were added to the feed.

Current behaviour: Episodes added from a private RSS feed were all dated on the day the RSS feed was added to the app.

First occurred: 29 June 2023

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy RSS link from the source
  2. Open antennapod
  3. Press add podcast from the side bar
  4. Then Add Podcast by RSS address
  5. Press confirm
  6. Then press subscribe
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If the feed does not specify a date, AntennaPod uses the date when the feed was added to the app. Contact the creator of the feed and ask them to include the date of the episodes.

I don’t seem to have the RSS date issue with other podcasting apps.

What other podcasting apps?

I’ve imported the same RSS feed into Podverse and Fountain with no issue.

What is the feed you are using if you don’t mind providing it?
It would allow other people to test as well.
Mainly it would also help to check if dates are really there and if they are included correctly.

Edit : missed it was for a private feed but still wouldn’t it be possible to open it in a browser and show a section about an episode and where published date is?

I took a snippet showing the latest episode

Looks okay to me… and AntennaPod does not show 19 Jul for that episode?

I just added the feed through the app again and it’s showing today’s date on that episode.

Hmm, then I need to have a look at the feed myself. Would it be okay to send me the feed address via a direct message (not publicly)?

Direct message on here?

Yeah, there should be a message icon on my profile :slight_smile:

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