Poor amount of podcast database when searching

Hi there ,
Just moved from podcast addict and I’m really excited by the project of antennapod.
My only problem is that when I search for a term in podcast addict I get back so many more podcast results comparing to antennapod.
If I try to manually import the podcasts using an opml file , all podcasts will be successfully imported to antennapod.
The problem is when I try to search for various podcasts manually in antennapod.



Thanks in advance for the support

Are there other examples you cannot find while searching?

That particular podcast feed looks like a pirated audio book? (I am guessing)

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Hello ,
Thans for the quick response.
No I don’t have any other example, however another similar issue that I’m experiencing in relation to exploring new podcasts is the fact that when I search by country I have again very limited options, while in podcast addict I have many more.
For example if you choose Greece , antennapod will bring up around 20-30 results , while podcast addict will bring up 130 results .
I’m wondering if there’s any solution on this one , or if it’s a matter of limited database or so.

Can you tell us which version you have? We recently changed the search database so it would be helpful to know.

Note that you can either search or browse per country. Searching by country is currently not possible.

I hope at some point we’ll get a more advanced search, but that would need time from someone to submit code.

@Andreas_Filosas Do you actually mean searching (where you enter text into the search field) or do you mean the number of recommendations that is shown without searching? Sounds like you mean the number of recommendations. There are way more podcasts in the database than the ones listed as recommendations. In fact, AntennaPod uses the iTunes database, which is probably the biggest podcast database that exists.

The database was not really changed. We now display search results (not recommendations) from both PodcastIndex and iTunes. (starting with AntennaPod 2.2.0, I think)

I’m not sure what’s the difference between searching/browsing per country.
In antennapod we can choose country on the upper right corner of the screen, when we click “more” next to the discover section ,below the search bar.
Even though I choose the selected country I have very limited suggestions comparing to podcast addict.
The version of antennapod I’m running is

2.1.3 (f7409c08a)

That list only shows the top 25 podcasts in a region. If you enter something into the search bar, you can find way more.

Clear , it shows only the top suggestions.
However do we know if in future versions we will be able to seach for new podcast subscriptions, by filtering per country?
This was we will be able to isolate all the podcasts of a certain country , not only the top suggestions like now

Yes, you’re right :slight_smile: Should’ve said ‘expanded which databases are searched’.

Not anymore (source):

The Podcast Index now lists over 2m podcasts. It doesn’t automatically pull new shows from Apple Podcasts, but even so, has now overtaken the number of shows there.

It’s not known yet. It would certainly be great, and the Podcast Index that AntennaPod can now search through has some features that in the AntennaPod app are not available yet. Apart from country, I think it would be great to filter on language of the podcast.
However, whether a more advanced search gets implemented depends on whether someone with the necessary skills is willing to implement it :slight_smile:

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