Possible to go back from 3.1 to 3.0.2?

Were there any changes, in the database or otherwise, that would create issues if AntennaPod was rolled back?

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Yes, there were. Android apps can’t be downgraded anyway. Why do you want to downgrade?

Background refreshes aren’t working well for me in 3.1. To populate Inbox I have to:

  1. Trigger a full refresh manually
  2. Wait several minutes til it’s done
  3. Go hunt for those podcasts that still didn’t refresh
  4. Refresh those manually

Whereas previously I mostly went to Inbox and found my stuff, now it takes me 15 minutes of tapping, waiting, more tapping, more waiting.

This is also because refreshes seem to take longer.

Whatever happened to uninstalling and reinstalling ?

Do a backup and get an old apk, I’ve downgraded to applications multiple times and unless it’s a big leap, backup files also work in lower versions tho be cautious to not delete backup file.
Bytehamster could’ve said that in context to downgrading apps by playstore (that can’t be done)

Any news on the VPN front?

I’ve been suffering from this problem for months now, despite a few AP updates. I’m using NetGuard, BTW.

AntennaPod is the only app on my phone that has it. Everything else, including two other podcatchers I keep only for testing, works as expected.

This seems the first time you mention that you’re on a VPN. So the feed refresh only has the issues you described in your first post when your VPN is active, and doesn’t have issues when you turn it off?

If I’m not mistaken AntennaPod just tells Android to download the feeds, and gets the new files. So if downloads fail, it wouldn’t be an issue in AntennaPod per se.

Maybe your VPN slows things down and several downloads time out? Or, VPN is no longer recognised as WiFi, and you only allow auto-refresh oflver WiFi. You can check this by allowing refresh over mobile connection in the settings.

@keunes, best to clarify the underlying reasoning: when I started having this issue I headed over to GitHub and looked for problems related to refreshes.

I found existing tickets that focused around two main areas:

  • slowness during refreshes
  • problems related to VPNs

Refreshes were hunky-dory for me previously, 100% pristine, and problems only seemed to emerge after that AP upgrade, additionally AP was (and still is) the only problematic app on the whole phone.

I decided against opening a new ticket and that I would wait and see instead.

NetGuard isn’t a real VPN, it’s a firewall that makes use of Android’s VPN service in order to filter connections.

I don’t think it imposes that much of a performance hit, not so significant that it would make connections time out (else it would affect other apps, too?)

What’s more, these various outcomes are all possible:

  1. Full refresh completes successfully
  2. Full refresh is partially successful
  3. Full refresh completely fails

Whereas, refreshes for individual podcasts always seem to complete correctly.

From where I’m sitting there appears to be no rhyme or reason; the next refresh can be 100% perfect, or it may fail three times in a row.

Done that now, then started a full refresh. It was case #2, most podcasts refreshed correctly but a few failed with either a timeout or a “failed to connect” error.

Of course, when I refreshed the individual podcasts manually, everything was just fine.

To add to my confusion, I also got Red Icons for a few podcasts that show “Update Disabled” and have their “Keep Update” switch turned off.

That doesn’t seem like a thing that should be happening…?

Thanks for that info.

Ok, so there’s an issue that emerged after an AP update. In that case it’s best to just create a bug report (here on the forum or on GitHub) so we have all the details. Now it took a couple of back-and-forths.

If you really noticed a difference between 3.0.2 and 3.1, it’s worth investing if anything relevant changed between this versions: Comparing 3.0.2...3.1.0 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

So if you think it’s not related to the ‘VPN’, why did you ask for news on that front, I wonder. Either way, I guess investigation should focus on code changes between versions rather than anything VPN related.

Yes, I think I’ve noticed that as well. It’s indeed a bit unexpected. If you feel like it, would you mind creating a ‘feature request’ on GitHub to improve this behaviour?

As a workaround, I’ve personally put a filter so that only subscriptions which are ‘kept updated’ are listed.