Previous Button behavior - skip back

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)
3.3.2 (701b1ce33), from play store

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Using ear buds, I tap once to pause. Either before I take them or if I am in a shop or meet someone in the street.
Sometimes the bud registers a double tap and skips on an episode instead of pausing.
I’ve found that unlike other podcast apps, when I triple tap to use the previous button - I cannot make it skip back.
I can only: fast forward, rewind, skip episode (forwards), restart episode.

So now I have to take my phone out and manually tap the previous item in the queue. This is becoming a deal breaker for me.

Suggested solution:
In settings > playback > reassign hardware buttons >
when I choose the operation of the “previous button”
then I can choose to skip back an episode.

Which earbuds are they? Usually the functionality of the taps can be changed by the app that comes with the earbuds.

I’ve set it so Triple tap goes back on the buds.
It works on all other apps.
Antennapods’ setting for hardware back, is what the earbuds use but attennapod does not support skipping back from a hardware button so my triple tap can’t do it, nothing will apart from using the UI of the app.

I’ve had to stop is using this app for that alone.
Gutted, it seemed so fundamental that I did not check for it at all, I just expected it to work like all other audio things. I can understand back might be back to start of the track I’m on, my cd player used to do that but if it hit back again quickly enough it took me to the start of the previous track.

So when this app took me to the start of the current track I tried a quick triple again but it just went back 2 seconds and started it again each time. I checked the settings and I could change the hardware previous button to skip, which skipped forwards when I triple tapped. so I know which setting the buds get to use.

I’m having to use podcast republic which has ads unless I pay. But it’s got it’s own flaws. I might go back to beyondpod which was abandoned in 2014 but apart from crashing occasionally it’s the only one i’ve had which doesn’t have silly UX quirks.

If this app just had that extra option on the back button settings. It would be a winner for me, sadly its just too bigger UX floor based on walking around occasionally getting a double tap instead of a single. If it’s raining hard, i don’t want to take my phone out to fix it and I should not have to.

I really hope they add this and I get to find out about it cos I want to use it.