Problem refreshing server status

App version: 2.5.2 F-Droid

Android version: 11 / Lineage OS

Device model: Sony XZ2c

Expected behaviour: a feed can refresh and obtain newest version from server

Current behaviour: one specific feed announced new episode and auto downloaded it. But the server delivered a wrong version with 2 minutes legth instead of approx 40. Antenna Pod announced something like that there’s no playback handler available
I got in contact with the host who admitted that podigee delivered the wrong version but that it’s fixed meanwhile.
I restarted phone, deleted podcast, deleted cache, restarted phone, newly subscribed to the podcast and drumroll: the not auto downloaded new episode is announced as 40 minutes. After Download it’s… 2’07 minutes.
Got back in touch with the host who told me that they had “some” emails on this, but on other apps it’s ok now.
What am I doing wrong?

First occurred: 1.6.2022

Steps to reproduce:

  1. searchGeschichten aus der Geschichte select one of the two search results
  2. disable auto download
  3. subscribe
  4. download latest new episode

Without more information, it is hard to know whether AntennaPod could be doing something differently or if it is still fully an error on the server side.

Assuming that episode is no longer problematic; Next time this happens, would you be able to download the podcast’s RSS-feed on a computer and likely also the audio file of the episode and report your findings? The RSS-feed should be a XML file and thus be fairly easy to open and understand with any text editor.

A database export from AntennaPod could be useful for debugging too.

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