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Hi friends,

This my first mail. I’d like to thank you all for this software. The job done here is awesome and I’m sure we can improve it even more.

Now, it has been time using the app by now, however there’s something I’ve tried to solve on my own, but get no satisfactory result. Well, the subject is that I’m wandering if there’s a way to make the downloaded files within a normal file manager adquire the corresponding names within the App. You know that some feeds are not available eternally or simply you want to free space on the phone and when some podcast is of interest, archiving it with some order may result the only way. So, what I want to do is making the files taking the name of the podcast episode and more important the date release. The format of file name had to be something like: “Podcast Name - Date Release - Podcast Episode Name.mp3”.

Could you help me with this? I’d like to do this massively as I have lots of files and doing this manually is absolutely impossible.

Thanks again… Hope you can make a wish come true :wink:

I would guess this is outside of what AntennaPod will ever do. It seems like quite a niche use case.

What did you attempt?

If you’re serious about it, it could technically be possible to manually export the database and use is as input for some script you write which renames and archives the files to your liking. That’s not a trivial task, but it’s the feasible solution I see for what you wish to do.

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I am not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to do but if you have a folder for a podcast with each file within it as an episode then may I suggest using the Smart Audiobook Player app instead to listen to them? As long as you can get used to it referring to books and chapters rather than podcasts and episodes.

I use the free ReNamer utility on my Windows laptop to play around with the bulk renaming of files. Might this be of use to you?

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Hi cos. Thank you for your feedback

Sad to know that… It seems that the names of episodes and those of corresponding files are not linked directly… That’s not a logical thing as I see it… :frowning:

Just some comercial software that use the mp3 tags to rename files (iTunes and so), however not all tags are always accurate. Title usually isn’t the same as the episodes title and so could not be used to rename the file. Anyway this isn’t suitable too much for me as I’m trying to find a way to do the whole thing directly on the phone.

Oh, that’s a good idea and it may be a solution. Sadly, I have no idea on how I can do that. I’m not a developer, though I’d like to learn. Any advise on that subject is welcomed. And yes, I’m really very serious about it.

Thank you gomezz

It’s not a problem of listening, as the same AntennaPod is very suitable for me. The problem comes when I should archive files. I can’t have all podcast episodes on my phone… Getting short of space is the last thing you want. So my idea is to store my favorites podcast in folders the same way and order they are in the AntennaPod interface. The only way to do that is using: Podcast name, Episode title and date of release. This last one is specially important as it allows an order of the episodes numerically rather than alphabetically.

The matter is that I try to do the whole thing directly on the phone. Can’t do it on PC everytime. Beside that not all the tags are always correct so you can use them to rename the files.

Great! In this day and age everyone benefits from being able to some scripting or simple coding, without necessarily needing to go all in and identify themselves as developers.

As a very first step, I’d suggest you do a database export under settings in AntennaPod, copy the file to your PC and look inside it. The file is an SQLite database, so you’ll likely need to have a look at, download the tools and probably search for an introduction to the SQL language.

Is that enough to get you going? To stay sane, I advice deciding in advance how much time to allow yourself to succeed or give up. Give it a go, and let us know how that first part went.

To actually do the scripting is the next part. It will require getting acquainted with more things, and can honestly be a bit of a challenge for those lacking experience. I believe you can do it though, and think that achieving and learning things are rewarding and a great part of what life is all about.

If scripting, I believe it is easier to start on your computer and possibly move to a doing it on the phone later on. Anything else might be attempting to attack too many problems at once.

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