Problem with

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Android version: 5.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)
Android 10.0

Device model:
Xiaomi Note 7

Expected behaviour:
Expected synch for episodes new and status with Gpodder

Current behaviour:
Episodes are not synched. is offline - 500 - Internal server error.
The service is currently overloaded. Please try again later or contact us.

Do you know if the website will be offline forever?
Is it possible synch with another service? is sometimes a bit unstable but it usually gets better after a few hours. AntennaPod only supports Gpodder. You can run your own Gpodder server and enter the address into AntennaPod but that is probably a bit too much for most users :slight_smile:

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Welcome @pes4murai tothre AntennaPod forum! You’re noythre onlyonceexperiencing issues wirh Gpodder. It’s a project run by volunteers, and probably not so much money. For my curiosity: how did you discover gpodder? Just because youfound it in AntennaPod’s settings, or did you know it before already?

@ByteHamster I’m thinking: for new AP users that want to sync their stuff and try out the service we offer in the settings the experience can be a bit frustrating. Should we maybe display an information dialog explaining what it is (FOSS service, limited budget & not always stable, can be self-hosted, donate here)?

And on a side note: I was also just thinking that in the settings import & export (which we should maybe rename to ‘back-up’) would better fit with synchronization than with Storage. What do you think?

@ByteHamster think you for your kind reply. I’ve understand what you mean regarding the situation of Gpodder.

@keunes I’m a long time user of Antenna pod, I’ve have known there Gpodder. Within 1 year more or less I haven’t have problems.

Is it not possible usa an alternative to Gpodder or synch on Dropbox o GDrive?

Yeah, we don’t know why now they have such a long period of downtime.

Currently not. And the problem is: what do you sync it with? If you want to sync wirh another phone or your desktop computer, those podcasting applications must also support the same sync method. Any public drive service sounds more like a way to do remote back-ups. The AntennaPod database is one single file: these online services cannot synchronise/update just one line/episode: they need to copy the whole file - which would lead to a looot of data transferred every minute the played status (time) is updated in AntennaPod.