Problem with opml file and renaming subscriptions

I have a total of 50 subscriptions that I want to organize with short names and numbers. In the app this is too cumbersome. So I downloaded the opml file to the laptop and renamed the podcasts according to the following pattern:

Subscription from original opml-file (example):
<outline text=“All on shares” title=“All on shares” type=“rss” xmlUrl=… (as in the original file)

Renamed subscription in the new opml-file (example):
<outline text=“02 WELT Börse” title=“02 WELT Börse” type=“rss” xmlUrl=… (as in the original file)

After the changes I have imported the modified opml file into the app. Unfortunately APod shows neither the numbering nor the new names. The old names still appear without numbers. Sorting is set to “alphabetical”. Reinstallation of the app doesn’t help.

Is there a chance to solve the problem without typing and renaming manually in the app?

AP-Version: 2.6.1 (50eee8848)
Google Pixel 4a Android 12 (up to date)

Why do you want to add numbers? Sounds like you rather want to move the subscriptions to folders, which you can do with multi-select.

No, I want to prioritize them according to urgency. Many of the subscriptions are podcasts of daily media.

Maybe this is something that can be better addressed by adding a new subscription-sorting criteria.

For example, by frequency of publication, as determined by the number of days between the last N episodes. Subscriptions would be sorted by the smallest number of days.

Maybe, but I’d like to decide which podcast I want to listen first, which second, and so on, based on the numbering of the sources. One knows from experience which media presents urgent news and which can wait. I don’t understand why AntennaPod doesn’t display the numbers and names as I have set them in the modified opml-file. It contains just simple and small changes, but they are important for a good using of the app. Any other sorting leads to confusing results.


The OPML files just give titles for convenience when importing. AntennaPod needs to switch to the feed provided title, otherwise it would not respect changes by the feed creator for any imported feed.

You might have luck doing that using the database export. That’s a bit more complex, though. Also, it is easy to get the database into an inconsistent state that causes crashes later

Yes, but AntennaPod takes my changes, displays both the numbers and the new names and orders the subscriptions in correct way when I set them manually in the app. But with more than 50 podcasts, this is cumbersome and time-consuming. It’s much easier and faster doing that in the opml-file. The URLs of the sources remain unchanged.

I’m afraid not, currently. There are two feature requests that are relevant for your use case:

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