Proposal: donation to Podcast Index

The Podcast Index team recently indicated both on Twitter and in the podcast that their income is decreasing while the costs are the same. I guess we (our users) account for a small portion of the requests, but given that we have donation money we could spare some support to the Index. They have been very important as Apple’s database was (and probably still is) getting less and less reliable.

I would propose, therefore, a donation of € 250. This falls under category “5. Upstream & Peer contributions” of our Donation Expenses Policy.

Are there any objections to this? Unless there are, I would make a transfer by Thursday 6 January (evening, CET) - or earlier if there’s plenty positive replies before then :slight_smile:

Side note: I’m curious how big AntennaPod’s share is in these API calls (and the costs our users incur). I’ve asked if they could give an estimation per API key, and the idea was received positively. So maybe next year we can donate more/less - more in line with our users’ footprint.


Thanks all those that gave a heart to the proposal :slight_smile:
I made the donation through PayPal and requested reimbursement: Donation to Podcast Index · Expense #60462 - Open Collective

Dave already replied!

Oh, how generous! Thank you guys so much!!!

We don’t have a show this week … so I’ll read it out on next weeks show.


So that will be on Friday 14 January.


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