Proposal: sponsor feature request in Weblate


We’re adding an extra step to avoid people to donate: when clicking the ‘donate’ link, a modal window (pop-up within the website) shows up. There might be a small security risk the way I have currently set it up. There are workarounds, but they’re less nice.

There is a feature request in our website translation tool (Weblate), which would take out the security risk: Set protected XLIFF tags to read-only in translation frontend · Issue #7797 · WeblateOrg/weblate · GitHub

Would people be OK if I ask if we can sponsor (pay for) implementing the feature request, and how much it would cost? (‘Custom development’ - which this kinda is - costs € 90/hour.)

This would fall under point 5 of the Donation Expenses Policy: Upstream & Peer contributions. Weblate is Free and Open Source software, and we use it gratis because we’re open source as well. So I would consider/treat this ‘payment for service’ as a donation.

In case of no objections within a week, I’ll contact them to ask, and I’ll report back here of course when I get a reply :slight_smile:


Hmm, so we would pay for development time? If we start doing that, this is not much different from paying AntennaPod developers based on their time.

One might look at it that way. Another way is that we ask the developers to implement this feature, and as a thank you we make a donation to support this open source project that we’re using gratis.

I think we should be donating more to put the money that we receive to good use in general. If it results in improvements/maintenance of the tools we use, all the better.

That might be considered not too much different indeed. But the Weblate maintainer is open to this option, and the AntennaPod maintainer is not :wink:

The fact that we decided not to do it for ourselves (because of difficulties deciding on payments & admin burden), should that be a blocker for paying other projects?

Does it actually pay the Weblate team or a third-party developer? 90€/hour feels quite much, given that our request is not some obscure custom development, but a feature that is more or less standard and maybe even expected in a translation software. I think Transifex supports stuff like this for free. If we really count this as “upstream contribution”, I don’t think we should pay more than the 250€ we paid to PodcastIndex

It goes to the Weblate team.

Note that this is their general fee to do development-on-request, not specific to this request.

At the same time we pay Transifex in other ways (e.g. contributing to a translations memory that they can leverage commercially with paying customers). Comparing FOSS with a closed source commercial solution is always going to be unbalanced.

Fair enough. Had a similar amount in mind.

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