Proposal to add a FAQ to website

It’s quite often that some user request a feature or ask a question which come back frequently. To address it it would be good to create a FAQ.

The FAQ should be linked here in a post and always appear as first post so users can’t miss it.

On top of my head it should have answers about :

  • listening to an episode without subscribing
  • using multiple queues
  • creating podcasts group / tags
  • auto rewind
  • podcast not working : it seems to me that often the cause is a VPN or some kind of proxy

For some questions if the answer is in the documentation we should just link it to avoid double maintenance. (For instance info for auto rewind is in the documentation)

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I don’t like dedicated FAQ pages because they are usually hard to navigate (everything on one page) and contain a wall of text with things an individual user is not actually interested in. That’s why we replaced the FAQ page of the old website with the documentation page (which has individual pages with a hierarchy and search).

I think it it would be great to add the questions you listed to the documentation page :slight_smile: Would you be interested in writing the pages?

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I will look into it as soon as I can. (Not soon)

Yet I think people are more likely to look a FAQ than documentation. I think it’s because it is less technical and you don’t have to know which section of documentation you have to look in. Having frequent questions in a list is actually an advantage. Users can look at it quickly hoping to see other questions/answers they were wondering about.

Afterthought : it could be a good idea in future homescreen if we could fit an interrogation icon leading directly to documentation. It would be a quicker access than going to settings. (I think a lot of users never go to settings)

If the word “documentation” sounds too technical, we can also come up with another word. Maybe just “help”?

You can use the search feature and also click around in the documentation articles (they are all linked from the main page).

Another advantage of individual documentation pages is that they are easier to find using search engines (one topic per page) and one can link to it without users being confused that there are explanations for dozens of other things.

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Yeah, I think the term Documentation might indeed sound too technical. Maybe ‘Support’?

This could be one article on ‘often-requested features’ (given that these things are not currently possible).

This is already covered in the documentation.

And that would leave the following items also to be added:

I think I am going to work on it.

For podcasts group I think documentation should have a sub section dedicated to subscription.
In it there would be a link to already existing page for “subscribing to a podcast” + a new link about group.
In the future I guess page for specific settings info could be added.

About features not implemented, since there will be no FAQ, I will put them where they would be if they were possible :

  • listening without subscribing : inside new sub section “subscription”
  • multiple queues : inside “queue” sub section

I will put relevant Github issues and if they ever get implemented we will just have to update the page accordingly.

At last for auto rewind indeed nothing to do. (That’s why if we were going to do a FAQ my suggestion was to only link to documentation)

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I added some PR to add info in documentation.
Please review it and don’t hesitate to make changes. Hope it’s globally ok. :wink: