Protected Feed not working

I would like to add a protected feed to my list. Everytime I try the login mask appears as planned but when I fill in my Username and Password I get an “authentication error”.

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Do the same credentials work if you open the feed address in Chrome or Firefox?

It works in Firefox and in Podcast Republic just fine

Do you get the error message in the notification area of your phone? If so, try pressing the notification and entering the password again. There seems to be something wrong with AntennaPod remembering the entered password.

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Thanks for the answer, I get the error message in a small box on the bottom of my phone, about where the space key is when I’m typing this. So I can’t “click on it”.

Hmm, protected feeds do work on my device. If you send me your password (not publicly on the forum – my email address is info@<my username>.com), I can try it on my device and maybe better see what is wrong. What AntennaPod version do you use (the actual number, just “latest” does not help)?

@ByteHamster fixed this in Do not forget feed password when subscribing by ByteHamster · Pull Request #5939 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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