PSA for recurring website translators

I noticed to my surprise that “Watching” a project on Weblate does not have the same effect as the equivalent action on Transifex. If you want to be notified about new strings, etc. you need to manually activate the relevant notifications in your settings.

I had missed several months of updates because of this, but I have caught up now (and left a few comments on source strings too).


@femmdi we should probably test also who gets the announcements if you send them.

@ByteHamster how would you feel about a specific documentation section for contributors? Currently there’s a lot of info on the translators page, and rather than adding even more (‘go here » here to receive notifications’), I’m thinking to split it up a bit.

Hmm, this then shows up for users when typing something into the search function. I would try to not mix this with the user documentation. How about using the GitHub wiki for such more technical things?

I was thinking of creating a new collection, which would have it’s own search (& index).

I’m not a huge fan because there’s many non-tech contributors (like translators) that I wouldn’t expect to go to GitHub. Also, wiki could be edited more easily without checks - for the website we have PRs.

Alternatively, how about a forum thread? That then also maybe leads translators to the forum.

FWIW, I’m still finding Weblate notifications about new/changed strings quite erratic and not behaving as I would expect them to (not that it’s the only confusing part of Weblate).
Does anybody else have the same experience?

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