Pull down refresh is too sensitive.

The pull down to refresh feature needs a higher tolerance to prevent activation when simply scrolling. It might also be of benefit to be able to customize it so that this feature is only available on desired sections of the app (ie: Inbox, Subscriptions, etc.).

Scrolling and pulling down are two separate actions. Do you have a large number of podcasts where a refresh takes a long time to complete? I don’t think there is a way for a developer to adjust the sensitivity of the pull down action as it’s an action that either occurs or doesn’t occur.

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If you see the refresh icon appear then keep your finger on the screen and move it back up again until the icon disappears.

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I believe the pulldown refresh functionality is part of Android. AntennaPod just uses that function, so presumably wouldn’t be able to adjust its “sensitivity.”

This part might be possible, but I’m curious about the problem we are trying to solve. I.E.: Does it “hurt” something if refresh is unintentionally activated?

Ah, I was unaware of this. Got it.

Unintentional mobile data usage. I understand this isn’t a huge issue for most, and that is a fair point when determining if the juice is worth the squeeze, so to speak. Just my two cents.

I guess the issue is me fat-fingering it, trying to scroll to the top and not realizing I’m already at the top of the list.

I wasn’t aware of that either until someone clued me in here a couple months ago. Now if I’m impatient for something to update in any app I reflexively try the pull-down refresh to see if they support it. :+1:


I think you can use the setDistanceToTriggerSync function to adjust it.

If this is indeed possible, I would find it quite beneficial.

Honest question: Am I the only one who frequently triggers the sync function unintentionally? If I am (and that’s totally possible), I’m willing to concede that this is not necessary. The question of whether it causes harm IS a valid one. But consideration should also be placed on preventing the accidental triggering of a function (harm or no harm). That’s just good design principles— idiot-proofing from people like me. :laughing:

We already have the distance at a quite large value. I don’t think we should make it even larger. Otherwise we will soon get requests to make it smaller again (as we did for the swipe actions)