Rating podcasts from within AntennaPod

I love your app and have been using it now for several years to access my Podcasting feeds, keep up the good work!

I did want to request a feature be considered for adding to the software. A lot of the podcasts I listen to request that the listener rate the podcast for helping with increasing exposure to potential new listeners, this is apparently a feature built into other apps like iTunes (or whatever Apple calls it) and Spotify. Is there a way to integrate an ability to rate a podcast from w/in AntennaPod? I would like to be able to support the heads of the podcasts I subscribe to, but I typically do not want to open accounts with services I don’t use to do this.

Thank you

Hi there

Thanks for chipping in on our community forum :slight_smile:

I think that having a way to rate podcasts would certainly be nice. The question is: where would these ratings go; which service would receive and store the ratings? Like you implied, one would need to have an account somewhere to add those reviews.

It’ll be impossible I think for AntennaPod to integrate with Apple and Spotify, so that you can use those accounts to add/store your reviews. It’s out of scope for our volunteer project to create a service with ‘AntennaPod accounts’, which was discussed and rejected in the context of synchronisation service (internal discussion).

The only possible way I can see now, is integrating with Podfriend’s review system (Podfriend is a new open source podcast web-app) and/or feeddirectory.org (though I’m not sure on that project’s status or license).

Thank you for the detailed reply. The difficulties you detail with this suggestion make sense, me being a non-programming end user would not grasp this unless it was explained to me. I will look into the two open source projects your mentioned, most appreciated.