Recover data after a reinstall

App version: 2.5.2 (F-Droid)

Android version: 8.1.0

Device model: LG q6

Expected behaviour:
I decided to downgrade to 2.5.2 for reasons (irrelevant to the problem but in case you are curious it’s because in 2.6.1 due to UI changes it is now much harder to change playback speed, something I frequently use).

I am using f-droid which allows me to downgrade an app to a prior version. Because downgrading directly was erroring, I uninstalled 2.6.1 and then installed 2.5.2. I was expecting my data to be preserved and present upon restarting the new (older) version, but all my podcast subscriptions are “lost”.

Current behaviour:

Version 2.5.2 running but cannot load my pre-existing podcast data.

I would like to know whether it is possible, via configuration menus etc, to “find” my pre-existing installation data and use it in the downgraded version.


I don’t know exactly what happens upon a downgrade - does F-Droid uninstall the ‘old’ before installing the ‘new’ version? If so, it might be possible that the database is wiped.

AntennaPod doesn’t officially support downgrades (because with new releases we change the database structure and reverting changes is not a path that we code for). So if you haven’t already, I would ask in the F-Droid community or GitLab for more info about how this downgrading actually works.

Also: Did you make a back-up of your database?

I can confirm that the data was wiped, I just recreated my subscriptions from scratch - an opportunity to clean up my subscription list.

I will perform backups in the future.

The annoying thing that remains though is my reason for downgrading. The newer version doesn’t allow me to quickly change playback speed. That is a feature I use very frequently. Any idea why that is gone from playback controls?

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You can change the playback speed by pressing the playback speed button in the bottom of the player screen

I am pretty sure he means the behavious that a lot of users (including me lol) wanted, which is to just tap to immediately change to 1.25 or whatever set values there were.
I know you’ve already justified the change many times but, regardless, there is people who still want that…

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