Reduce pre-buffer on mobile data

I’m seeing the app create a huge buffer. This wouldn’t be a problem on Wi-Fi, but on my limited mobile data plan, it is. Main reason is that I usually listen to portions of episodes and switch to other without finishing. So I’m losing a lot of data. An ideal would be to limit the pre-buffer of 4 minutes on mobile.

I posted a similar request but I think I didn’t word it correctly. The app’s streaming behavior is to build a complete buffer (similar to the old YouTube) both on Wi-Fi and mobile data. This is an issue for long episodes where one listen for a few minutes, closes the app and resumes later. The app will buffer the whole episode again and this will waste a lot of data.
My suggestion would be to buffer a few minutes (4 min max), start playing that portion and at 3.30 min mark, build another 4 min buffer. This is current the behavior of the YouTube app

If you use ExoPlayer in Settings » Playback » Media player, AntennaPod buffers at most 50 seconds (limited to 3 MB) in forward direction and the back skip duration in backwards direction. The forward buffer is the default for Google’s ExoPlayer library (I think that library is also used in the YouTube app).

Interesting. I’m on the opposite side as the author of the opening post. I often drive over mountainous areas where the mobile signal disappears for some minutes. At that location, AntennaPod plays only until it can read podcasts from the buffer (one, two, or three minutes). The buffer is minimal in my opinion. I would double it :smile:
It would be very nice if a user can change the buffer size.