Reducing time length filter will download all old episodes

App version: 3.4.0 b3 (Play Store)
Android version: 14 (crDroid ROM)
Device model: Moto G8 Plus

Months ago I’ve set the length filter to 10 minutes in a specific podcast. AntennaPod didn’t download all the episodes shorter than 10 minutes.
Yesterday I found that I was missing some interesting episodes because they were 9min long, so I’ve reduced the length filter to 9 minutes

Expected behaviour:
I expected AntennaPod to download the new 9-minute episodes starting from now.

Current behaviour:
AntennaPod downloaded all the old 9-minutes episodes starting from December 2023

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set a length filter to 10 minutes
  2. Wait some episode to publish
  3. Reduce the length filter (I think that also removing the filter it will work)
  4. Update the subscriptions

Environment: Auto Download enabled