Refresh sometimes downloads RSS without updating database

App version: 2.5.1 Google Play

Android version: 11

Device model: mogo g power (2021)

Expected behaviour:

Refreshing feed(s) updates database.

Current behaviour:

RSS files apparently downloaded but database not always updated, at least on mobile.

First occurred:

Possibly starting with 2.5.0. It coincides with a fix that stopped cover images from being downloaded over mobile data when that option is unchecked.

Steps to reproduce:

Try to refresh feeds. If successful, the expanded notification will list individual feeds as they’re downloaded, otherwise there’s only a count. Likewise, the log also fails to show feeds as they’re downloaded and the update button spinner doesn’t appear.

Additionally, episodes don’t always download on the first try, which may be related. Both tend to occur when the app is first opened.


Only 1 parallel download. This might be significant and I’ll look into it further.

It might also be helpful to disable downloading cover images. I tried reinstalling and things were working fine until all of the cover images were downloaded (i.e. no background downloads before refresh).

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