Release candidate 2.1.0 rollout

Is there a staged rollout for 2.1.0 RC1 for beta users?
I would like to test it but Google isn’t proposing it to me? (Or it is a problem on my side?)

It’s currently rolling out to 20% of the beta testers. There seem to be some issues that need to be fixed but I expect 2.1.0-RCx to be rolled out to all beta testers soon.


2.1.0-RC2 is now rolling out to 50% of the beta testers

Why roll it out to a fraction of beta users? They know the risks involved and are eager to get the latest betas. Aren’t they beta users for a reason: to accept beta versions immediately so they can report bugs and you can watch their debug logs? If you have a nice pool of beta users willing to test for you, shouldn’t you use them all at the same time?

If there is a critical bug (like the broken device-internal player in RC1), we only annoy fewer beta testers by using staged rollout. Being a beta tester does not mean that you are fine with being unable to use the app for a few days. We received 2 negative ratings (1-star and 3-star) by beta testers during the two days that RC1 was rolled out (many beta testers do not seem to understand that rating a beta version is something different than rating the app).

If everything is fine, the beta staged roll-out only lasts 2-3 days.

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That’s crazy. Google Play shouldn’t allow them to rate the app if they have the beta installed. They should be told to expect bugs and to contact the dev about it. I’m going to send them feedback about that.

Beta feedback does not influence the overall rating. Still, I think users should contact developers describing the problem instead of just leaving a bad beta rating.

The majority of feedback through the Google Play beta is helpful and some users describe what is wrong in great detail. It’s less bad than it sounded in my message :slight_smile: