Remaining Time Truncated In Playback Screen

App version: 3.1.0-beta3 (Google Play)
Android version: 13
Device model: Pixel 7a
Expected behaviour: Last digit of remaining time in the playback screen is NOT truncated.
Current behaviour: Last digit of remaining time in the playback screen is being truncated.
First occurred: After upgrading to 3.1.0-beta3

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select an episode for playback, playback screen should be configured to display remaining time not total duration.
  2. Enter playback screen and verify the last digit of remaining time is truncated. In the example below the episode has just under 10 minutes of remaining time…

Interesting, I have Pixel 4A and same version but I don’t see the same issue. I also tried to changed my systerm font sizes but not seeing issues.

What is your default system language setting? I wonder if there is something there. They layout constraints in that screen shouldn’t be causing this issue.

Hi, on my phone I can confirm the described issue, but rather for me it alternates between the correct display of the timecodes and then for a second for both the current position and the remaining time the last digit are swallowed up. Also first seen with the 3.1.0 beta.
Samsung A40, Andoid 11 and German version.

Default system language is English (United States). Display settings was my first thought as well. I’m running the Pixel 7a out-of-box defaults for font size and display size. I’m going to monitor and when I see it again will do some more troubleshooting.

I’m try to isolate when exactly this is occurring and have not been able to consistently recreate it. It’s definitely happened as evidenced by my screen shot above but I was just listening to another episode of a different podcast and watching it closely thinking it might be when the remaining time goes under 10 minutes but with this episode the issue was NOT encountered…



The difference I can think of is the earlier screenshot above was when the podcast episode had not been started yet while because this more recent episode of a different podcast is longer the remaining time before starting it was also longer (i.e. more than 10 minutes).


Think I’ve isolated it, it’s any episode being played back via the Preview functionality where you can find an episode and start playing it back without subscribing to that podcast or adding the episode to your queue. Here are two longer episodes. The commonality is they were both being played back via the Preview function…


Well, I THOUGHT I had it isolated. An episode of one of my “regular” podcasts published this morning so it was automatically downloaded and added to my queue and after starting it playing happened to look down after a while and noticed it was being truncated as well, so I guess it isn’t isolated to just episodes manually added via the Preview function…

We are working on a fix, thanks for reporting

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There’s a similar issue on github Podcast time visual bug · Issue #6556 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

To bump up the issue again.

Still after the updated 3.1.0 version I noticed that every few seconds the last digit is stiil missing for a second for the played or the remaining time. After closing the app it seems okay, till this happens again. Häh?

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