Remove (specific) suggested podcasts (suggested by itunes)

I’d like to remove the suggested or block specific suggestions from showing up on my screen.

There are casts I will NEVER listen to or add that annoyingly keep showing on my screen, like the religious scammer Joel Olsteen.

Click on more and instead of a country on the top right you can select the very first option “hide”.

Hi @AntMusic
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@ueen This request seems to be about hiding individual podcasts (either because they don’t interest you, or because they offend you), rather than just disabling the whole suggestions section.

This has been discussed before. I think it would be great if users were able to ‘block’ podcasts.

Regarding implementation I think it would be best to rely on a unique podcast identifier that doesn’t change when the URL changes. Which is proposed here, but not available yet.
Until then, however, we could block based simply on feed URL (which isn’t as solid as blocking uniqueIDs, but better than nothing).