Renaming podcasts feature

Hello everyone

I wanted to talk about a more general topic that is not directly related to the code or the functionality. So what I want to ask is what is really the purpose of the ability to “rename” a podcast. You can casually change the title (or in general anything else) of a work that is not from me but from other users? I found this ability a very peculiar choice and with not a real meaning after all. I mean, okay you don’t change the title for the other users, but can it still be misleading? Yes. Does it offer a real value to the app? Because someone could easily rename a podcast with an inappropriate title and further misunderstanding and problems may occur. Of course I am not criticizing the choice, but I would like to know the real reason behind this feature. Thanks in advance!!!

I’m not sure why, but some thoughts…

  • A podcast has a bad word in it’s title
  • You want to change the order of all your subscriptions, so you had 000 in front of the first one and 999 in front of the last one, and all others in between as needed.
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