Request to add the Greek language on Weblate

Good evening,
I would be interested to translate the app in Greek!

Love the app :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi @freddosketo,

Apologies for the delay and welcome on our community forum! I have just added Greek on Weblate: AntennaPod - Greek @ Hosted Weblate

Donโ€™t hesitate to let us know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks for helping out!

EDIT: I see that you actually wrote that you want to translate the app in Greek. App translations happen on Transifex: For pointers on getting started with Transifex, please check out our Contributor section on the website: Translate โ€“ AntennaPod

Greek was added on Transifex already, and is currently at 37%. Still plenty of strings to complete :slight_smile:

Okey thank you!
I will get to it. :slight_smile:

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