Request to add the language Japanese on Weblate

Hello, AntennaPod team :slight_smile:

I recently found AntennaPod during migration from the sunsetting Google Podcast and love it!

I’d like to contribute a Japanese translation of the website. Could you add it as a new language on Weblate? I have experience with translations for various applications/libraries so I’m familiar with the usage of Weblate too.

Japanese translation for the app strings has already reached 100% so I want to expand Japanese coverage further.


Hi @shuuji3 ! Welcome to the forum and thanks for contributing to AntennaPod :smiley: I added Japanese language in Weblate.

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Hi @femmdi, thank you! :grinning: I confirmed that now and I’m going to translate it in my spare time.


If I may give one tip: start with the Documentation; that’s the most important but also probably the annoying/longer part.

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