Response to your Reply to my Rating

Thank you for your reply to my rating comment. The only setting my device has that might be similar to battery optimization is Battery Saver and I have always had that set to OFF. See the attached screenshot. Furthermore the streaming timeouts occur even if my device is connected to and running off power from the charger.

Without having read the google play comment, it is hard to tell what exactly you are having trouble with. Could you please describe it and also give some details about your phone?

Hi @ByteHamster,

Here are the details:

If streaming were reliable, this would be a great app. However, quite frequently playback stops for no apparent reason. Moreover, reporting a bug requires you open yet another account on the developers favorite service as if you are whorkingvfor them. This happens on many podcasts, most recently Hacks On Tap…

My reply:

Hi, sorry to hear. This is often because of battery optimization. Please add an exception for AntennaPod. More info: Playback suddenly stops – AntennaPod If that doesn’t help, you can let us know on our forum, even without an account (send us any email and you’ll get an automatic reply with instructions for this).

Device type unknown to Google. AntennaPod version 3.0.2

Tom, to learn how to add a battery exception you can look up your device on


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