Restore quick queue lock/unlock

This updated removed that lock/unlock Icon from the queue, didn’t it?

Please bring it back, I constantly unlock the queue to change the order of episodes that get auto-downloaded every day and then lock it again because you easily drag an episode if you leave the queue unlocked.

You removed the icon and now these operations take much longer to the point I stopped locking the queue, and I’m getting frustrated with accidentally dragging episodes around.

I moved your post to a new thread.

The update moved the lock/unlock feature to the overflow menu

If you constantly need to lock/unlock the queue, something else is wrong. Instead of restoring the “workaround” button, we should rather change the queue so that this extra manual tap every time (to lock) is no longer necessary. Did you try using the “keep sorted” feature that automatically sorts the queue and removes the drag handle?

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The keep sorted feature kind of works, but I’m still losing flexibility because I sort my queue by a mix of date and duration:

To the bottom of the queue I have episodes from my back catalog that I want to hear, not today but this week/month/when a specific situation arrives (a 3+ hour travel for example). On the top of queue are the auto-downloaded episodes of the day that I then sort manually by duration (short → long) and start listening.

I occasionally sorted the queue by date (new → old) to do a kind of reset when episodes start to linger in the queue, and then manually by duration.

The auto-sort does not allow for this type of hybrid criteria. EDIT - Or does it?

I will 'fess up that I actually use Pocket Casts as my main podcatcher and In that I have set up a filter for each podcast with a large back catalogue I am gradually working my way through and then keep new episodes of all my podcasts together in its own filter (I mainly use AP for podcasts where I want access to new episodes ASAP rather than wait for PC to grind its slow gears).

I have been pondering how to do similar if and when PC takes a direction (under new management) that means I want to then move over to using AP as my main podcatcher. At the moment it seems the simplest would be to filter each podcast with a back catalogue by Unplayed and sorted Oldest to Newest.

I wonder if this is the sort of approach that would help you keep on top of your back catalogues?

I think locking queue is only useful in case it is too easy to inadvertently drag or swipe an episode. A lot of apps with queue don’t have a locking feature (gmail and YouTube for instance)

I previously always had my queue locked but only because it was a quick setting and it felt like I was meant to. It’s been a month maybe I stopped to lock it and I never triggered a wrong gesture. The only thing I don’t like when queue is unlocked are drag handles. I find them too thick.

All in all what I want to point out is that maybe a lot of users were locking queue only because UI was making you feel you have to.
I would even say maybe it should be totally removed. If it wasn’t already implemented and someone was asking for it wouldn’t it be rejected for the sake of not having a billion options and because queue should work correctly without it ?

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Well said!

I made dragging a bit harder, so it gets pretty unlikely that it is triggered accidentally: Will be released in 2.4.0-beta3

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Why not move the refresh button to the overflow menu instead? It’s pretty useless anyway since you can already refresh the list by dragging down.
I also keep sorting the list manually based on various factors that could never be covered by any automatic sorting and may even change during the day.

Sure, not locking the list at all is an option, but it just looks ugly and takes up quite some space on the screen. So maybe improving that could help as well?

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