Restoring the queue after listening overnight

Periodically I turn on audiobooks at night.
The player works until the earphone is discharged.
I fall asleep much faster.
In the morning I have to return part
of the story back to the queue.
At the same time, the sorting of the queue is lost.
Files are returned to the end of the queue.
It is proposed to change the program so as to
minimize all these problems.
Change the history view - list of podcasts as it looks now.
Additionally, add a time ribbon on the right indicating the
beginning and end of listening by time.
What part of the file was listened
to and at what time of day did it happen.
If the podcast has been viewed several times
(with interruptions or switching to other podcasts)
then it should be the corresponding number of times in the history.
When listening to a podcast through the history, it should not affect the history.
Add the ability to return the podcast to its old place in the queue.
Add the ability to restore the queue at a certain point in time in the history.
I plan to use it like this.
I’ll find the last moment I remember.
I will choose to restore the queue at this moment.
Podcasts should be restored to the place in the queue where they were at that moment
and with the listening position that was at this point in time.

If possible, I am ready to participate in this work

Beg pardon for my English

So you fall asleep and the queue plays all the way through? That’s what the sleep timer is for. With that, you don’t need to manually restore your queue the next morning. Note also that there is a setting “continuous playback”. If disabled, you need to press the play button for every new episode to be started, and it does not go all the way through.

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Sleep timer and disabling continuous playback requires pressing the buttons to continue playback.
This prevents falling asleep

So keep continuous playback enabled and simply use the sleep timer. You can set a default sleep timer length (I have mine set to 20 minutes as usually I fall asleep pretty quickly) and have it automatically activate between certain hours when playback is started.

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