Resume podcast between drives on Android Auto

Perhaps this is a feature request but also seems like it might be a bug. When using Android Auto, I don’t see a way to just quickly resume the podcast you were listening to on your last drive or on your phone. I have to navigate to the podcast episode every single time. I take a lot of short drives and I end up just listening to Spotify or the radio instead of navigating through the menus to find the podcast I was listening to.

On Spotify for example, if you were listening to it when you shut off the car, when you get back in you can just hit play and it picks up on your song and playlist you were listening to.


This is my biggest feature/bug request. It takes a lot of search, clicks and effort to just resume what I was hearing in my last android auto session. For short ride, or during busy driving a lot of times it is not worth the effort to fumble though the navigation to find the old episodes and resume.

Requesting the team to please assess this issue.


This would be my biggest feature/bug request as well. It’s the main thing that keeps me from using Antennapod. I keep trying to come back but the Android Auto not resuming playback I can’t overcome.


I support this request. A related point (possibly a symptom of the same problem) is that if a podcast is interrupted by a phone call, it doesn’t resume afterwards, leaving me needing to dig through menus to resume it. Obviously not ideal when trying to focus on the road.

I’ve just come to AntennaPod from Google Podcasts, where this functionality “just works”. But other than this, I’m enjoying AntennaPod’s features.


My quick fix has been merged and will be release in a future beta and production release. Show currently playing episode in Android Auto by tonytamsf · Pull Request #6816 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


Thank you! Looking forward to it being implemented.

Thank you. I hope it will be available soon. I have now the same problem.

I came to the forum just for these 2 issues! I’m really loving the app (also coming from Google Podcasts and before that Plex).

I just wish I didn’t have to press play just to resume my podcast after a phone call (doesn’t seem to happen when using voice assistant)
Or have to swipe back on screen for it to show the currently playing podcast from queue, when it starts the next podcast file.

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Any idea when this will be released?

The resume in Android Auto is what brought me to this forum. I’m looking for a replacement since Google’s app is shutting down.

OP here, I switched to using Podcast Addict and it works great for my uses. It even auto resumes shortly after Android Auto starting up, perfect for my short trip use case.

I’m extremely satisfied with the AntennaPod - except for this issue. I’m using a beta version, which has a kind of solution, but it still isn’t what users expect.
Many users listen to podcasts using Android Auto, so this is quite an important issue. I hope developers will find a solution soon.
Otherwise, many will change to other programs.

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The contributors are tracking this issue here on GitHub Inconsistent autoplay behavior when connected to Android Auto · Issue #6698 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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