Revision of the Issue labels on GitHub

During the hackathon @Matth78 prepared a list of 50 or so issues that could be tagged with a specific label. Here’s a read-only version of the document:

Actually some of the labels didn’t exist yet, so I have created them. While at it, I categorised and reordered the labels (wiki record with colour codes, full labels list).

However, one point I’m not sure about, is the following:

  • @Matth78 proposed Download and Storage labels
  • I think these kinda fall in the ‘Functionality’ category, so I thought of transforming them into the following categories: (Automatic) Download & Storage and then have one for Automatic clean-up
  • However, I’m not sure about having Automation spread over two labels. Also, we have the Rework automatic download/deletion Milestone, which kinda overlaps.

Any thoughts on how to approach this? :slight_smile:

Related also to @tenkara_vt’s thread about Triaging issues reported on GitHub.

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