Rework Autodownload?


I recently turned on Autodownlaod.
My question is. From a UX Standpoint: Can anyone explain me how this Feature is meant to work?

For me, i enabled it.

A) Settings

  • I let Episode limits at default
  • i took the work of going though each of my 55 podcast’s settings and disable autodownloading on most of them ( since i dont wont all of them and they would cluter my waitinglist)
  • I did realise the episode limit is something you could globaly adjust if you ran out on space.
  • i did not see any option on how many episodes should be kept or downloaded from which respective podcast.
  • i did see that automatic deletion is a redundant setting to me since i have regular autodeletion on
  • i did not understand, what the options inside the automatic deletion option of each podcasts settings would do. (something like “delete oldest after X downloaded episodes” is what i would expect there

B) Experience

  • It did not work
  • after some days i managed to get a popup telling me that episode limit is reached
  • i increasd it
  • it smashed my waitinglist full of episodes that are a year old by now also a lot of them are in the list but not downloaded

C) Fauxpass

  • while writing this post and going thou all the settings repeatedly i realized, that i did not turn of the autodownloading i did only turn of the update of the metadaa (fetch new episodes) (so now i correctet that back and forth again)


So i don’t konw if i did something terribly wrong, if something went terribly wrong, or if this is intended behaviour.
But i would like to get clarity on that and from that on we can think about how we feel a sensible UX would Work, and workout FR’s based on that.


Im on 2.1.4 Fdroid, Android 7.2.1 LOS / Galaxy S3

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Hi @paskalito
Welcome to the AntennaPod forum and thanks for chipping in. This is very valuable feedback! I’ll have a closer read and see if there are any related forum threads/GitHub issues later on.

Hi @keunes
thanks a lot for your feedback and reassurement.

if the answer to “Can anyone explain me how this Feature is meant to work?” is no.
I would also sit down and create e UX template to discuss upon.
also i read about UX changes to come, but i didn’t really understand.
Is this in the new betas?
Is there a place where i could download the beta APK’s for a better understanding on what the future plans already are?

I have only used auto downloading for a short while sometimes ago.

From what I gathered :

  • turn on auto download in settings
  • check in each podcasts settings if auto download is on. I believe it is by default. When auto download in general settings is not on, settings specific to a podcast can’t be changed. It’s greyed out
  • next update / refresh trigger auto downloading new episodes for podcasts with auto download on

It was how it worked for me but I used it only a short time. I prefer to manually add to my queue and download as I often reorder my queue depending on new episodes. (For instance to alternate short / long episodes and serious / fun episodes)

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