RSS parsing more picky?

App version: 2.4.2 (Google Play)

Android version: 12

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10e

Expected behaviour: Show episodes for Plot Points after 26-Nov in the feed.

Current behaviour: The podcast Plot Points (Plot Points) has not shown any new episodes since the one on 26-Nov. Sometime after that. error messages have been issued when loading that feed: “At line 54, column 43: not well-formed (invalid token)”

As a result of this, it will not show any new episodes on that feed.

I looked at the RSS and this is line 54:

<itunes:keywords>RPG,tabletop,Dungeons & Dragons,Dungeon Masters Guide,D&D, ,AD&D,,Gary Gygax,</itunes:keywords>

I am sure the ampersands are the problem. Clearly incorrect XML. I have reported this to the owner of that podcast. However, I doubt he recently changed the RSS, which would imply that older versions of AntennaPod were more forgiving about such things. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems that in the last month or so, I have been getting a lot more RSS feed errors than I did previously. Has the RSS parser become more picky recently?

I suspect this will be put in the “will not fix” category, but I wanted to mention it in case this behavior is not expected.

First occurred: Sometime after 26-Nov-21 (last episode)

AntennaPod does show some more warnings since a few months (when podcasters do things like adding the same episode twice) but invalid xml like this was never accepted. There must have been a change to the feed.

Thanks. The increased warnings made me think it was actually being more strict.

Thanks for a fantastic app! I’ve been using it for a long time, and it has gotten much better in that time.

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