Running time not correct

I am noticing an issue: the running time of some episodes are not correct, meaning they are too short. For example, a podcast episode will have an actual runing time of 31 minutes, but Antenna Pod displays “25 minutes” but still plays the full episode; however, when you stop the epsiode at any point after 25 minutes, you cannot return to that point. When you start Antenna Pod again next time, it will immediately go to the next episode and not start where you left in that episode with the incorrect time.

That happens when publishers do not encode the total duration in the file. Then AntennaPod needs to guess the duration based on the file size

thank you. Is there any way to change that?

You mean as a publisher? Add the duration to the file metadata.

No, I mean as the listener.

No, unfortunately not.

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I searched GitHub issues for episode length, duration and running time without seeing anything looking like this. Am I failing to find it, or is it not there? It seems like a bug that at least ought to be filed as existing?

That’s not a bug. There is no way for AntennaPod to do it differently because the way that some files are encoded makes it hard – even for the experts at Google who develop the media player we are using. Therefore we also do not need to open an issue. See Correct GetDuration/Seeking for VBR Mp3 files without seek headers (XING/VBRI). · Issue #4071 · google/ExoPlayer · GitHub

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While I 100% agree it is fully reasonable to not prioritize fixing the issue, it sure seems like something worth having documented.

Thanks for clarifying the bug is considered to be in a dependency and referencing their ticket on it.

I think the forum is the right place to document that. I would prefer to keep the GitHub issue list clean and focused on open work for AntennaPod instead of documenting something that is not really our responsibility. That would be an issue that would be open for eternity.


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