Samsung Bixby support


I joined to the forum for ask this: it’s possible, in a future release to add the support for Samsung’s Bixby? I would like to say “Hey Bixby, play the podcast” and Antennapod opens and plays the latest episode of a specific podcast.

Thank you!

Wikipedia tells me Bixby is Samsung’s Alexa/Siri thingy. I had never heard of it before.

Searching the web didn’t reveal much more. I saw some results mentioning an SDK, but didn’t dive down to figure out the specifics.

Maybe the first thing to research is what functionality and interfaces Bixby has. Are you able to control other non-Samsung apps with it? Any open source apps? What kind of user interface does is it come with? Is it highly configurable with a maze of options, or more of a turn-key solution with no levers to pull nor dials to turn?

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