Save energy by preventing unnecessary automatic downloads

I subscribed to multiple dozens of podcasts and activated the automatic download of episodes.

There are some podcasts I rarely listen to. But each episode of these podcasts is downloaded and causes energy consumption by downloading them from the Internet.

This means there is a higher load …

  • on my phone
  • on my router or mobile network
  • on the remote server
  • on all devices between my phone and the remote server

All of the above leads to higher energy consumption. Multiply this with the number of podcasts, then again with the number of Antennapod clients.

I think we can do better. Please discuss. I don’t think being the only one who has many unlistened episodes.

Maybe we can do something like the following?

  1. Add another configuration option “Stop automatic download if last downloaded episode of a podcast was never listened”.
  2. Maybe enable this by default.

Not as advanced as you describe but there is a setting for each podcast to turn off auto download.
If I remember correctly you can change it for multiple podcasts from subscriptions screen.