Save podcast snippets

I would like to suggest a feature similar to the Snipd app. Save podcast snippets as audio notes. The ability to share and download snippets.
Thanks for the awesome app.
Greetings From Brazil.



It’s a nice idea. On Podverse, they call it ‘Clips’. Example: Lol-Failing Power Supply

When you say you want to ‘share’ the snippet, you mean the (the relevant part of the) actual audio file?


Yes, thats it. A few seconds or minutes of the podcast you are interested in saving as audio notes.


Would like to express my support for the feature suggested.

As a long-time user of Antennapod, I also find this feature very helpful and have been using Fountain, a similar app, specifically because of this feature

Being able to save and easily access my favorite parts of a podcast episode has been a game-changer for me, and I believe it would be a great addition to Antennapod as well.

Antennapod has been my go-to podcast app for a long time, and I appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into making it such a great app. Thank you


I was going to add this as a feature request on github but then saw these two closed feature requests

Any point in requesting it again?

No - if need be, we can reopen the existing feature request. However, anything involving actual audio file editing is quite involved. Even in Podverse, referenced above, they don’t create files if I’m not mistaken. They create timestamps and have an online interface where these snippets, the period between start & end time, can be streamed. I think that would be, at least for the time being, the only way forward I think.

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