Screen keeps resetting and autoscolling to the top when I'm trying to read further down the list!

*App *: 3.0.0-beta6 (283381223)

Android version:Android v.11

Device model: Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T510 TABLET

Expected behaviour:

I have always opened the section titled INBOX, then I click the small REFRESH wheel in the top right to load new entries to the list, and then slowly scrolled down, reading each podcast headline info as I go, usually then right-clicking the ones I want to hear and choosing ADD TO QUEUE.
This used to always go OK as expected, then I would continue ue and s roll to the next, and the next,and the next and second on.

Current behaviour:
For a week perhaps or more when I open ANY section the following happens, but let us stay with talking specifically of the INBOX, as that is what I began talking about.
So I open the app and select INBOX and then click the REFRESH wheel a top right… right away it seems to immediately jump down the list, to, I think, the last entry that was there before I refreshed the list. So i am no longer looking at the top of the list of entries, I am half way scrolled down the list to a part of the list I did not plan to or want to scroll to. To remedy this and, for me to see the newly added entries to the list after refreshing, I manually scroll the list back so I am at the top of it again. Almost immediately I jumps back down. I fix it so I am back at the top, it suddenly jumps back do again. In fact, no matter how many times or how quickly I s roll the list back to the top it always jumps back to a different part that I never asked to look at. It is effectively preventing me from iewing the list of freshly added podcasts because eV though I refresh the list it just will not stay still at the position I placed it at, at the top! It just keeps jumping elsewhere.
I thi k this is o ly happening whilst it refreshes because once all that activity of loading the new podcasts into the app stops, the ju ping around stops too and i am finally able to control where it scrolls to once again.
Please tell me, am I doing something wrong with a setting?
Please tell me how to fix this because, as you can imagine, this is driving me mad!!!

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
Maybe a week or so.

I see the same thing in the Episodes list. It randomly* refreshes and moves me back to some previous point, making me lose track of where I were.

*Maybe some element is being updated or removed and the whole list refreshes or maybe it just refreshes. When it does, it’s like if the list was regenerated.

Android 13. AntennaPod 3.0.0-beta6.

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AntennaPod does not have a feature to scroll to the last-seen position in lists. My guess would be that you are dragging the scroll bar somewhere inadvertently

Uh, please, give me a little more credit than that. Um yeah I was pressing the scroll bar everytime it happened and yet I did not realise…uh huh yeah not!
I am touching NOTHING and the list keeps autoscrolling. Tell you what, would you like a video capture of it happening because I’m telling you, it is making your app absolutely suck badly. And as you seem to not really believe the app is capable of this then, instead of saying it may be a bug you blame the user for ‘inadvertently being an idiot!’ So let me send a video…where would you like the video to be…hosted online somewhere like media fire or YouTube or sent somewhere to you?

Please stay civil, previous comment from @ByteHamster was only pointing out there was no coding about auto scrolling. There was no judgement from him about you…
If he said there is no auto scrolling behavior it’s unlikely he is wrong and so he tried to suggest what could make your problem possible. It is hard to find out when it’s not possible to trigger it to find out.

Are you able to trigger it reliably as you are speaking about making a video? Does it happen for a particular feed? Which one if you don’t mind sharing it?

My attempt as a non programmer : maybe your feed is indeed updated with some new episodes at the top or between old one or some episodes are removed? If so won’t episodes change position in the feed. If AntennaPod stay on the same position then you won’t see the same episodes and you could believe that AntennaPod randomly moved?
Could it be what is happening ?

I also have this problem em refreshing the episodes list

Could you record a video please?


I sometimes have this happening as well. See video where an episode in the Inbox is removed and the episode list immediately scrolls to the bottom of the list. This can be experienced repeatedly by undoing the remove, scrolling back up to the removed episode and remove it again (resulting in autoscrolling to the bottom of the list).

To recreated it, I need lots of episodes in the Inbox and have had to move several episdoes up and down in the queue before removing an episode in the Inbox.

Note that the video was captured using scrcpy, so no unintentional screen taps could have been the cause of the scrolling.

AntennaPod 3.0.0 (870fe2be5) - installed from play store
LineageOS 20 (Android 13)
Moto G 7 plus

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It happening after rearranging episodes in the queue might just be a coincidence.

Should be fixed in 3.0.1

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