Seamlessly switching between different channels - The Plumber's Way

Say you want to de-google or perhaps you’d rather have faster access to new releases, or maybe you want to hop channels to test something, or, or, or.

The officially sanctioned path would be:

  1. Export DB
  2. Uninstall old channel (everything gets deleted!)
  3. Install new channel
  4. Import DB
  5. Download everything from scratch

There are less than desirable traits to this procedure, for instance long-term users might have to download tons of stuff which is going to be no fun under slow/spotty connections, a data cap, etc and will waste time and energy anyway. Long-running shows may no longer offer older episodes in their RSS feeds.

So, consider the following:

  1. Rename Android/Data/de.danoeh.antennapod to
  2. Uninstall old channel (nothing gets deleted)
  3. Install new channel
  4. Freeze + force stop (superfluous?)
  5. Rename data directory back to proper name
  6. Unfreeze (if necessary), restart app

I understand that the DB contains fully qualified paths to the downloaded files, however a channel switch should be unaffected, unlike moving to a different device.

Am I missing anything obvious that would break the switch?

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